Jinnie-Donkey Milk Soap-Chamomile and Lavender


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This luxurious homemade soap will pamper your skin with a plethora of benefits! It is said to be Cleopatra's go-to beauty product many years ago! Donkey milk soap is known to soothe skin irritation and feed your skin with protein. Donkey milk also has healing properties to rejuvenate the skin from all the harsh chemical. In return, it will help hydrate your skin, which we all need. I'm excited to offer this fantastic soap to all of you. Please take note of the benefits listed and see if anyone you know, can benefit from this bar of soap. Of course, everyone can benefit from this soap and reap the benefits. This formula has essential oils to help alleviate the symptoms associated with hives. Benefits listed are a reversal of aging of the skin, skin protection, chronic skin problems such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema, skin allergies, and acne.


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