Jinnie from the Sea-Donkey Milk Wheatgrass Soap


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Jinnie from the sea- Donkey Milk Wheatgrass Soap
This luxurious homemade soap lends to pamper your skins with a plethora of benefits! It is said to be Cleopatra go to Beauty product many years ago! Donkey milk soap can soothe skin irritation and feed your skin with protein. Donkey milk has 5 times more vitamin C than goat's milk. This formula has added essential oils to boost a detoxing of the skin with the powerful superfood wheatgrass. Donkey milk also has healing properties to rejuvenate the skin from all the harsh chemical that may reside. The donkey milk benefits alone are magnificent for your skin then add wheatgrass as it also helps detox and purifies your skin. The two together will quench your skin's thirst and allow it to be healthy.


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